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First Review for Roger: The flying pig

“Time for some real fun with Roger The Flying Pig , a game where you control a pig which learns to fly after being left alone by a duck family which raised him since he was a piglet . The aim of the game is to take Roger as far as possible hopping and flying by feeding burgers and cup cakes.”

Read more here.

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Roger lands on the iPad with HD graphic!

Roger the flying pig is available from today on the app store in HD version for the iPad.

iTunes Link: Roger for iPad


Official game trailer!

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Roger The Flying Pig is out now on the iPhone, iPad and Android

Roger: The flying pig is a fun and entertaining arcade game with accessible gameplay and funny graphics.

Roger (the pig), got lost when he was a piglet, and couldn’t find his way home. He was lucky enough to be found by a duck family. They took him in and raised him like their own little ducklings. Roger was raised with many duck sisters and brothers but one day they all flew away leaving him behind… He knew that there is only one thing he can do… He has to learn how to fly.

Help Roger to fly as far as possible. Beat the records to unlock additional power-ups and to help you increase your speed and bounce.

Complete the challenges to unlock achievements and funky outfits.

Share your scores and achievements with friends across Open Feint and Game Center.

Look for this ICON:


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Flying Pig coming soon!

Hi everyone,

Our first iPhone game Flying Pig (Journey of Rodger the Pig) coming out very soon. Here are some screenshots to give you an idea about the game.


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Crazy Cooking – new game!

Soon we will present preview of our second project “Crazy Cooking”. Here are some of the main characters from the game: Stay tuned.


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Flying Pigs – beginning

Flying Pigs is an iPhone/Android arcade game where player has to feed the pig to make it more bouncy and heavy.

Beat the high score, feed only with fat food, vegetables are no good for this pig.

Development plan:


1) Prototyping and asset creation – whole game will be prototyped to define the design and game play mechanics. There will be no place holder within the prototype so all the artwork can be transferred straight into iPhone and Android.

2) Main development – when design and art are completed, main development will start where game will be ported into iPhone and Android devices.

Current situation:

Currently game is in the middle of phase 1. I have working and playable prototype and significant part of art assets.

What’s in the prototype at the moment:

  • game starts
  • initial jump button which measures the when is the right moment to jump.
  • Balloons destruction.
  • Food eating
  • Getting fat
  • mechanic of getting fat and bouncing more.

What’s next to implement:

  • distance and points calculation.
  • Pick ups/coins
  • balance bounce and flying
  • extend level design
  • add more ramps
  • Additional artwork
  • menu
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